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1 Efect you you pass the mouse le 4/4/2010, 18:43

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Hi! Very Happy

I want to know if is possible do this efect and if can send me the code of this Very Happy

This is the efect:


Show the Forum 1.. and when you pass the mouse by the "ONGLETS"* the information of the "Description forum" change and the "ONGLET" iluminate... and when the mouse is outside the onglets, appear the "Forum 1" with its description again.

*In french say onglet to this and i don't find how say that in english xD

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Ow... Isn't it the same question that in your other topic ?

If you want something different, get a look at this :
It's a very nice effect.

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Well i prefer this efect: xDDDD but i don't like it the "clicks" =/

I prefer "when you PASS the mouse by the onglets..." Very Happy Very Happy

Staff du forum
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This is exactly the same script you asked for the catnavbar from an other forum.
I told you it was not possible to give you this javascript, because there is a copyright on it, and that we respect the wish of this forum to remain original.
I have this system on my forum, but we did it ourselves with ZC and I'm not ready either to just give the codes, although I have helped at least one person to install it on his forum because he knew how to do it, and he only asked to help finalize the system.

So unless you create a new script, you have a good knowledge of HTML-CSS coding, and of the templates, it would mean just give you an "all done" kit and that it's not our way to help.

The rest is what i told you on this topic. Wink

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